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About us

Welcome to Clay by Fox, where creativity meets craftsmanship to bring you unique handmade jewellery and eco-friendly homewares. 

Our collection reflects a perfect blend of neutral tones and organic textures, giving each piece a timeless quality. It's a subtle yet impactful style. Clay by Fox pieces are more than accessories; they are statements that tell stories of resilience, creativity, and the beauty found in simplicity.

As you explore our collection, you'll discover handmade polymer clay and gold plated jewellery that carries a touch of personal artistry. Each piece is unique, just like the wearer. Our eco-friendly homewares add a touch of mindful living to your space, reflecting our commitment to environmentally friendly materials.

Thank you for stopping by and being a part of the Clay by Fox community. Whether you're here to find that perfect statement piece or to simply enjoy the artistic journey, I'm grateful for your presence. 

If you don't find exactly what you're looking for, don't hesitate to reach out. I welcome customisations, from colours to minor alterations, to ensure your piece is a perfect reflection of your style. Let's build something beautiful together—crafted not just from clay but from shared stories and a shared love for unique, handmade treasures.

Meet the Maker


Clay by Fox was founded in 2021 by Louise, in Canberra, Australia. What started as a personal outlet has transformed into a heartfelt venture, and she's thrilled to share it with you.

Clay by Fox is not just a business; it's a labor of love that has captured Louise's heart. Each piece created is a chapter of her resilience, and a true testament of the healing power of creativity.

Louise's designs are infused with passion and dedication, resulting in items that are not only beautifully unique but also crafted to last a lifetime.

A little about Louise:

Louise is a mum of two beautiful fur babies and sucker for a G&T. Louise is a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, loves pilates, coffee and walking her pups.

Louise often attends markets across the country to showcase her beautiful handmade products, so be sure to keep an eye on announcements.

Our Story

Our journey began in 2021, right on Louise's kitchen table, with just a piece of clay and a cutter. Creating clay earrings quickly became her solace after facing the loss of both her parents, most recently her beloved father.

In the face of loss, Clay by Fox emerged as a creative haven for Louise. Transforming grief into art, she began crafting unique and meaningful pieces—a journey from pain to beauty.

Each creation is a symbol of love and strength, a tangible representation of the joy found in the act of creation.

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